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Our high quality and stylish computer glasses, were designed to protect your eyes from Blue Light of digital devices.
Lightweight, confortable and flexible, Linze SR glasses, fit well in every type of faces. Suitable for all ages.


Color: Ocher

Power: +0.00

care instructions

* Keep your Linze glasses in their original case, in a dry place with a temperature under 104 °F

* Avoid the use of abrasive products, and unclean cloths, as these can alter the characteristics of the lenses.

* Avoid the use of water, alcohol or solvents, since they can damage the characteristics of the rubber frames.

* Use the original cleaning cloth in order to clean fingerprints, dust, and other imperfections.



High quality, super light and durable material.
Flexible hinges & temples for easy adaptation to any face shape.
Rubberized texture provides a better grip on the nose and ears.


High protection technology, called Blue Protect.
They filter harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and ultraviolet radiation.


Linze glasses are designed to be perfect allies of your routine.
That's why we also think they must be functional for you.

Our packaging box includes:

*Your Linze screen reading glasses with our blue light protection technology lenses
*Felt Eyewear Case with button and cloth storage space.
*A soft microfiber lense cloth
*Our Glasses holder with our Clip On Temple Tip system

You are going to love them!

Benefits of using Linze Glasses

Block UV Rays

Cool Packaging


Free accesories

Improve your sleep

Protect your eyes

Reduce eye strain

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